WhatsApp Policies & Rules in 2021


I am a Master of Law and Information Technology, graduated from Stockholm’s University. After reading WhatsApp’s official communications and documents I found out:

New Policies in 2021

1. New Deadline: May 15, 2021
2. None account will be automatically deleted on February 08, 2021;
3. Private Conversations and Groups are, and will remain, end-to-end encrypted. Hence, neither WhatsApp, nor Facebook, can see their contents;
4. The new rules apply when you use Facebook Business Services on your WhatsApp Business;
5. These new rules include the use of distinctive warnings to notice when you are interacting with a WhatsApp Business Service
6. These Key Updates do not include further technical data to share with Facebook;
7. WhatsApp can not see the contents of your private conversations and/or groups;
8. WhatsApp can not hear any of your conversations;
9. WhatsApp does not keep any logs about users’ communications;
10. Neither WhatsApp, nor Facebook, can see your geographical location;
11. WhatsApp does not share your Contacts’ Data;
12. You may use self-destruction messages;
13. You may download your data;
14. Upon signing up to WhatsApp you agreed on making public your Profile image, telephone number, status and description for identification purposes;
15. “WhatsApp for Business” offers Facebook’s secure hosting services for hosting Customer Services you may use to handle customer care for your business. These are the services involving the new policies;
16. WhatsApp will let you be aware anytime you interact with any service hosted on Facebook’s secure hosting services;
17. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram may let you contact the provider via WhatsApp. Technical Data will be collected when clicking on them in order to generate Personalized Marketing and General Usage Data;
18. All communications to and from a WhatsApp Business Account remain end-to-end encrypted. Hence, neither WhatsApp, nor Facebook, can see their contents. Bare in mind that these businesses will apply their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use once the contents are processed by them;
19. Online Shops hosted on either WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram may use banners linked to WhatsApp’s Payment Services. These transactions generate Personalized Marketing, but do not process your personal data;
20. Payments done on WhatsApp Payment Services will be processed on a secure manner and channels.


1. You Signed Up for a free service accepting it’s Terms of Use;
2. It is a private contract you shall opt-out if you disagree with the given terms;
3. Distributing false information is fair cause to block you;
4. Sabotaging in any manner WhatsApp Services is a crime and is fair cause to block you;
5. You are the sole one appointed to protect your electronic devices, and the sole one responsible for any legal consequences upon the data on them stored.


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12. WhatsApp Security Advisories: <https://www.whatsapp.com/security/advisories>
13. About disappearing messages: <https://faq.whatsapp.com/general/chats/about-disappearing-messages>
14. How to request your account information: <https://faq.whatsapp.com/general/account-and-profile/how-to-request-your-account-information>


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